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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ripley's Aquarium was AMAZING!

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After a week at the cottage, we packed up and headed to Toronto, our sights set on Ripley's Aquarium. Two years ago we were at the top of the CN tower looking down at the roof of the aquarium that was just being built. This year we were dazzled and amazed. The aquarium is worth the trip to Toronto. My biologist heart was singing and I could have stayed there all day.

IMG_20150710_174258 (Medium)
Family selfie at the aquarium.
The aquarium is broken into sections based on the different waters of the world. You start exploring Canadian waters and go from there.

IMG_20150710_174353 (Medium)
A map of the aquarium.
First up: Canadian Waters.

IMG_20150710_161024 (Medium)

The Canadian Waters tank was mesmerizing. The sea weed was waving back and forth, the fish swimming lazily around. There were some really neat creatures like an octopus and a blue lobster.

IMG_20150710_161829 (Medium)
J and the kids.

IMG_20150710_161711 (Medium)
Little K liked this pink fish.

IMG_20150710_161446 (Medium)
Little J wasn't sure about this guy.

IMG_20150710_161331 (Medium)
Blue lobster!

IMG_20150710_161041 (Medium)
Cool fish.

IMG_20150710_162531 (Medium)

Rainbow Reef was alive with bright, colourful fish and coral. I could have stood there for hours just watching the fish swim and the plants sway.

IMG_20150710_162600 (Medium)
The colours!

IMG_20150710_162225 (Medium)
Me and the kids.

IMG_20150710_162830 (Medium)
The Dangerous Lagoon was what I was most looking forward to. I couldn't wait to see the sharks and I was not disappointed.

IMG_20150710_163639 (Medium)
Family shot sans sharks.

IMG_20150710_163305 (Medium)
Ahh look up!!

IMG_20150710_163344 (Medium)
Swimming overhead.

IMG_20150710_164127 (Medium)
When I wished I was a kid.
The Shark Reef was right next to the discovery center which was full of things to touch, see, and do. The kids loved the play structure and the tanks where you peek up and look at from inside.

IMG_20150710_165923 (Medium)
The Nemo tank.

IMG_20150710_165846 (Medium)
You get an inside view.

IMG_20150710_165708 (Medium)
Crawling through a shark tank.

IMG_20150710_165738 (Medium)
Looks like grain but those are shark teeth!

IMG_20150710_165554 (Medium)
Spot the shark.

IMG_20150710_164610 (Medium)
Happy kiddos.

IMG_20150710_164440 (Medium)
Touching horseshoe crabs.

IMG_20150710_164301 (Medium)
Another neat view from inside a submarine.

IMG_20150710_171202 (Medium)

Ray Bay was cool too. Rays really look like they're flying through the water. We didn't stay for the feeding demonstration because there was a huge crowd, but we made our way up so we could look down into the tank and we even got to touch a huge ray.

IMG_20150710_172953 (Medium)
Little K was too short to see over the wall.

IMG_20150710_172811 (Medium)
He was leathery.

IMG_20150710_171355 (Medium)

Planet Jellies was my second favourite part. The jellyfish are gelatinous blobs, constantly moving, trailing behind them long tentacles. The tank is delightfully lit up and huge, taking up the whole wall.

IMG_20150710_171412 (Medium)

IMG_20150710_172256 (Medium)

IMG_20150710_172315 (Medium)

There was an interactive game where the kids could dress up there own jellyfish. They love things like this and while they did that, I stared at the jellyfish.

IMG_20150710_170841 (Medium)
Sharks swimming around the kids.
The Shoreline Gallery had some neat parts. My favourite were these fancy sea horses (with kids it's hard to read all the info while chasing them around so I'm not sure exactly what they are). (J tells me they're called leafy sea dragons. Apparently he has time to read descriptions!)

IMG_20150710_170314 (Medium)
Fancy sea horse.

IMG_20150710_170231 (Medium)
Beautiful sea horses.
In a non-characteristic move, J let the kids each pick something from the gift shop. Little J chose a black-tipped shark stuffie and Little K chose a Hello Kitty Mermaid to add to her collection. We had such a great time. If we lived closer, I would be at the aquarium all the time! Have you ever been?

Disclaimer: I was given a free pass to the aquarium and was not compensated for this review. You should all go to the aquarium because it was so amazing!


  1. This looks super fun! What a great way to bond with the kids. I would definitely consider Ripley's Aquarium for our next family vacay! Thank you for sharing.

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