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Saturday, July 25, 2015

My fitness journey

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On a warm spring day, I was lying on the grass with some friends on a break during high school, and I remember joking that I would watch what I ate when I got fat. Only a confident, active teenager without extra weight could say something like that.

Fast forward 15 years I'm no longer as confident and certainly nowhere near as active. I carry about 25 more pounds around with me every day. Pounds that I've collected over the years for a number of reasons. Pounds that I'm now ready to lose.

Weight loss isn't my main goal though; overall health is.

It's been over 6 years since my pregnancy-breastfeeding-mothering journey begun, and now that the kids don't need me like they used to, I'm ready to focus on me again. My body has been through a lot: I was an active kid, playing competitive sports (school sports like volleyball, rugby, field hockey, track, and cross country running on top of city softball and hockey) and ate whatever I wanted. I was always rushing between school and the arena and home and the baseball diamond and my boyfriend's house and work and often ate fast food.

When I got to university I slowed down a lot and also started going out a lot. There was a lot of cafeteria food and cheap beer going into my system and my cardio consisted of dancing the night away at clubs.

Then came married life and kids. I pretty much stopped playing organized sports due to lack of time. Sure, I ran and did yoga, but not nearly enough. I gained upwards of 40 pounds each pregnancy and my new baseline for weight was about 20 pounds higher than in my 20s. From what I hear, that's not unusual.

Even if it's normal to gradually gain weight as we age, it doesn't have to happen. In May I started a new journey, one that is all about me. I had just done a 5K race and signed up for baseball. I was using the spin bike I got for Mother's Day. Before all that I weighed and measured myself. The kids took great pleasure in drawing a picture of me and commenting on my body. Their brutal honesty was pretty awful.

After about a month the only difference I was noticing was a bit more definition in my quads. I knew this transformation was going to take more than spinning every now and then.

I saw friends and neighbours posting pictures on Facebook. They were working with a trainer and seeing amazing results. I looked into it but couldn't swallow the idea of paying someone to virtually cheer me on and there was no way I could convince J to part with money for that. His suggestion: "Just watch what you eat and go to the gym."

I know nothing about food and I know enough about myself to know that I'm really bad at motivating myself when there is no one else depending on me. Hence the reason I run only when I've signed up for and paid for a race. I think it comes from my childhood playing team sports. I knew I needed help.

I found it in Muscle Bound Fitness. Sophie runs challenges that focus on eating well and exercising. For the Summer Body in 60 Challenge, I had to get an account with My Fitness Pal and learn how to track everything I ate. I had to weigh myself and get J to take my before pictures. I had to submit a short essay on why I wanted to be part of the challenge and why I wanted to win. Those before pictures definitely made me cry.

What I like about Sophie and Muscle Bound Fitness is Sophie's history. I didn't feel comfortable getting a super fit, always has been fit, 20 something bombshell lead me in this. I can't quite explain it, but I take comfort knowing the Sophie is a mom and has had challenges on her fitness journey. She takes no prisoners and is very direct. It's tough love with Sophie.

I am almost 5 weeks into the challenge.. about half way there and already I've learned so much. I thought I was eating well before and now I know more about protein, carbs, fat, and fiber and KNOW that I wasn't eating so well. I've been doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts three times a week. I've lost almost 10 pounds and am so much stronger than when I started. I'm part of a supportive Facebook group with the other people doing the challenge. It's where we go to learn, to complain, to get advice, to share our wins.

I'm excited for the rest of the challenge. It's been hard, but I can SEE and FEEL the changes happening in my body. My relationship with food is changing and I'm no longer eating because I'm bored, or sad, or because I always have a snack when I watch tv. Food is fuel. Exercise is important. I'm important.

I'm finally taking the time to focus on me.

Disclaimer: I was given a discount on the cost of the challenge in exchange for blogging about my journey. This is my fitness journey. 


  1. Amazing!! Good for you. So glad it's going well and you feel good!

  2. I love stories like these! Great job! Keep it up!

  3. Sounds great! This might be just the motivation I need to start getting fit. Thank you for being an inspiration!