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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eleven years is a long time and hardly any time at all

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It has been a crazy week - getting back to life at home, getting called to a birth, recovering from my overnighter, and still getting groceries, doing laundry, and spending time with the kids. But I'm back! Let me tell you a bit about me and J.

Eleven years ago J and I got married. I could say something gushy like I married my best friend (true) or that I'm living my fairy tale happy ending (mostly true), but what I really want to say is that we made it another year. Our life together hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but it's been together.

We've gone from basically kids, at 19 and 20, to a couple in their mid-30s with two kids and a cat. I still can't believe that I'm an adult and that I've been married for over a decade is a strange thing.

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Here we are at the cottage.

We celebrated our anniversary this year with a trip to Toronto for my cousin's wedding. She's starting her life with her best friend and off on a road trip honeymoon, while I'm back to our regular summer programming. She was 13 when I got married. Hell, I was only 23.

We used to have a big party to celebrate and usually we buy something for ourselves for our anniversary. One year we bought a tent and once we bought new sheets for our bed. Last year we spent a weekend in Montreal just the two of us. This year we got a picnic table for the back yard. We can eat outside again.

IMG_20150711_165319 (Medium)
Dressed up at my cousin's wedding.

Happy anniversary to us!


  1. Aw, happy anniversary! You guys look amazing together :).

  2. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to the next eleven years!