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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Canada Day 2015

Canada Day was a bit of a blur this year. First we got ready: nail polish and hair chalk.

IMG_20150701_094434 (Medium)
Happy nails.

IMG_20150701_092041 (Medium)
A hard-to-see red maple leaf on Little J's head.
It was grey and misty but we went to the neighbourhood festivities anyway. It was set up a lot like last year with bouncy castles and slides, face painting, cotton candy, and a stage.

IMG_20150701_105611 (Medium)
These kids were made for bouncy castles!

IMG_20150701_111341 (Medium)
A bouncy horse race!

IMG_20150701_111926 (Medium)
A selfie with my little girl.

IMG_20150701_104845 (Medium)
Little J on the big slide.
IMG_20150701_104852 (Medium)
And then Little K!

IMG_20150701_104309 (Medium)
The polar bear maze was a fave from last year.

There was also a zipline, a petting zoo, and pony rides. Little K was lucky to be given some food pellets and she and Little J took turns feeding goats mostly. There was almost a meltdown when we wouldn't pay for pony rides, but we avoided it with the promise of face painting.

IMG_20150701_113635 (Medium)
Photobomb by a kid from Little K's preschool.
IMG_20150701_113047 (Medium)
The softest bunny ever.
IMG_20150701_112545 (Medium)
Turns out face painting didn't happen either because while waiting in the enormous line it started to pour. That, combined with the fact that I was called to a birth, meant we were on our way home. We were able to see a lot of our friends and did almost everything we wanted to do. J and the kids went on to have a busy day, stopping at a party before heading across town to A&S's house.

I had a good night too, but such a trip down memory lane. I was back in the room where Little J was born almost 6 years ago. I saw some fireworks from the hospital room after this baby was born. It was a nice end to my evening, a happy Canada Day!

Because I love using this space to look back... Canada Day over the years:

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  1. The nail polish and hair chalk project looks super cute. What an awesome way to bond with your kids. I hope you had a great Canada Day! Thanks for sharing.