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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wee Ones & Big Strides

Little K and I are vegging out after spending the morning at the park with Little J's class. I love that I'm home and able to go to things like that, even if the weather wasn't great. Even so the kids spent time in the water at the splash pad.. crazy.

Shirts and medals.
While she watches SheZow (have your kids watched that show? Mine are obsessed!) let me tell you about our race in Sunday. It was the annual Wee Ones & Big Strides kids race. The weather was pretty gross so it wasn't as busy as past years. A little rain never hurt anyone.

Little J and Little K with their medals.
The Wee Ones race is 1km and full of 4-6 year olds. My 4 and almost-6 year old did great! They both ran most of the way and finished strong. J's parents got videos of them at the end and I've watched them about a dozen times!

Cute medal.
The first year we did this race, which is set up just like an adult race with a water station and start/end line arch, the medals were cookies. This year they're rubber. Little K was a bit disappointed she didn't get a cookie.

Race kits.
I've added the bibs, medals and shirts to the kids' growing pile. I hope they keep adding to the pile over the years and keep active.

We chatted while waiting in line for a balloon animal for Little K - she got a unicorn. Little J played in the field with his friends. He was super happy! A nice Sunday morning.


  1. I might look this up for next year - sounds like a great day. I'm slowly getting back into running again, so I might bring my kids along this time.... Louise

    1. It's always on Father's Day so easy to remember!