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Friday, June 19, 2015


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Touch-a-Truck is an event where all sorts of vehicles are brought to one location and kids are able to see them and sit in them. In Ottawa, it's a fundraiser for Mothercraft, a non-profit that I volunteer with as a birth companion.

This year and last, it happens to fall on a weekend when J is away, and both years I've taken the kids by myself. Last year we were there before it opened at 10am and it was HOT. Like, I was a super sweaty mess and the kids were cranky because it was so hot. We ended up spending a bunch of time in the mall just to cool off.

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Little garbage collectors.
This year I knew it was happening but only decided to ask the kids after lunch if they'd like to go. They're usually up for anything and said yes right away. Half an hour later we were making our way towards the crowded parking lot. It was a beautiful day - hot but not too hot - and because there were only two hours left it wasn't super busy.

20150614_134127 (Medium)
The allure of the firetruck.
We made our way around, checking out a big water trucks, some motorcycles, tow trucks, stopping at the Pedalheads booth so the kids could get a balloon. Pedalheads is big in the West and has been in Ottawa two years now. They teach kids how to ride bikes and had a little course set up. I thought for sure the kids would want to try it but they didn't. I kinda wanted to bike over ramps.

20150614_133606 (Medium)
That's a happy face.
Lifting the kids up to get a picture of them on the front of the fire truck brought back memories of Little K taking a header off a firetruck at a birthday party a few years ago. A fireman caught her inches from the concrete floor and I still have flashbacks of her falling. This time she sat for the picture and everything was fine, even my heart.

20150614_144514 (Medium)
Firetruck kiddos.
We wandered inside and the kids each got their faces painted, but there wasn't a lot going on as things were wrapping up. Back outside we found Little Ray's Reptiles and sat in a few more vehicles. Little K was especially excited to check out the school bus and both kids liked the really old tow truck.

20150614_144004 (Medium)
Faces painted.

20150614_144905 (Medium)
Alligator? Crocodile?

20150614_145302 (Medium)
Ancient tow truck ('38 I believe).
We ran into friends who commented that I was brave to bring the kids by myself. Going out with the kids is easier now that they're older. They listen pretty well and I don't have to keep their little hands in mine to know that they aren't wandering away. We generally have a good time when we're out but something always happens. This time Little J took a spill on our way back to the car. He fell hard and cried hard, so hard it made Little K cry. With both kids crying and Little J hobbling, I got everyone back to the car. I cursed my lack of diaper bag stocked with wipes, and used some dried up wipes to cover his bleeding knee and elbow.

When they told they're dad about the fun they had, multiple bandaids were shown off, but overall I know they had fun and we made some good memories.


  1. I keep meaning to check this out and it just never seems to work out for us! Looks like you had a great visit. - Louise

    PS: I remain hopeful for a convenient Peddleheads camp near us. I did check them out this year and it didn`t work for us :( So my kids are trying aqua camp for the week our daycare provider is on holidays. I'm thinking that will be pretty awesome too!

    1. Hey, aqua camp sounds good! Touch a Truck is definitely fun - try next year :)