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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Life with a concussion

Poor J whacked his head hard enough to give himself a concussion. At first we thought he just had a bad headache but when he went to work and couldn't look at his computer screens, he went to the hospital to get checked out. Sure enough it's a concussion and he was told to stay home from work the rest of the week, no screen time or reading, and to get checked again after the week.

That was almost 2 weeks ago. He spent the week with a throbbing head, being bored at home. Thankfully he's been able to do things - I think that's the only thing keeping him sane. Imagine not being able to check your phone or your email, watch tv, or read a book. Even some working through chord progressions on the guitar was enough to send him searching for Tylenol.

The up-side is the attention our house is getting. J was on a mission to DO things and he took Little K along on his adventures. Together, they installed a ceiling fan in the upstairs hallway - something we've been talking about doing for years - and they patched all the nail pops and dents in the walls, and painted. I picked up some perennials for the front garden as well as some second-hand hostas and they all got planted by the father-daughter team.

J also took himself to IKEA (he's fine to drive) and bought desks and chairs for the kids. It took an afternoon, but him and Little K got them put together. On hot afternoons, he spends some time in the back pressure-washing the deck. He's also been going to bed early and letting me sleep in in the mornings.

While I wouldn't recommend a concussion it sure does help get things done around the house! J seems to be on the mend and will try going back to work tomorrow. We will miss having him around.

20150529_163122 (Medium)
Little K with her new desk.

20150529_185724 (Medium)
Playing a game.

20150529_185808 (Medium)
Little J's new desk.

20150529_194332 (Medium)
Little J writing and illustrating a book.


  1. Love the desks! They are adorable and the upper storage is great. I think maybe I need a concussion week, too :).