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Friday, June 5, 2015


20150520_191649 (Medium)
Our new interlock.

Before the weekend is upon us, I wanted to share our new interlock! We've been looking forward to upgrading our front walkway for a while with the stones sitting in the backyard, ready. J and I talked about what to do and went back and forth about a curvy look versus the square one we settled on.

20150520_191615 (Medium)
Goodbye, paving stones, hello, fancy interlock!

Because we chose to do the top bit of the driveway too, we decided to hire out for the job. I knew J could handle the walkway, especially with straight lines, but as soon as the plan included cutting into the driveway I knew I wanted a pro to do it.

20150519_160604 (Medium)
Fresh new stones.

We were diligent and got 3 or 4 quotes and chose to work with Yellow Brick Road Contracting. They showed up bright and early one morning and had the old paving stones out before the kids and I left for the bus stop.
20150519_094633 (Medium)
Getting to work.
Little K and I watched them work on and off all day. Two guys got most of the work done by mid-afternoon and by the time Little J was home from school they were misting the sand to set the stones in place. I made the mistake of keeping the front door and the windows open while they were cutting the last few stones and the house was covered in dust. COVERED. Little K and I could hardly breathe, the air was cloudy. Lesson learned.

20150519_083622 (Medium)
Digging out the walkway.
A big perk is that there is no longer a bump to get into the garage. And the kids can zoom into the garage on their red cars and bikes no problem.

20150519_140259 (Medium)
The driveway cutout.

It took us another few days (okay, maybe 2 weeks) to figure out what to do with the front garden, but now there are perennials planted and new grass poking through the soil. We're quite happy with how it turned out and we still have a pile of stones left over. I think J has plans for them.

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