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Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

IMG_20150620_113919 (Medium)
Hugs for dad!
I want to wish the happiest of Father's Days to J. The day might not have gone exactly as planned but I know for sure that these kids love you so much. 

Father's Day is more like Father's Day Weekend around here. All day Saturday J was autocrossing. We watched him in the morning and again for a bit in the afternoon. In the middle of the day we went to see my parents and wish my dad a Happy Father's Day. 

Saturday evening, J decided on a whim to camp out in the backyard with the kids. It's something we've talked about doing but it hadn't happened yet. The kids were so excited that they wanted to get out to the tent right after dinner. J and I bought this tent years ago and it's not big enough for the 4 of us so the plan was or J to camp out with the kids.

IMG_20150620_183917 (Medium)
Getting all set to camp out in the backyard.

IMG_20150620_195000 (Medium)
Books in the tent.

IMG_20150620_195601 (Medium)
J going in!
It was a nice idea and it kinda worked. Little K lasted until 8:30pm and then came in crying. I guess she wanted me in the tent as well. Little J fell asleep and spent the whole night out there. Baby steps.

IMG_20150621_215331 (Medium)
J's card.
So J woke up on Father's Day in a tent with Little J. And it was early! He convinced the boy to sleep a little longer thankfully, but no breakfast in bed for this dad. We did breakfast and gifts. The kids gave J a card and some things Little J made in school, a coffee grinder and new towels. And then it was off to the race! The kids ran their race, but more about that later.

IMG_20150621_080213 (Medium)
The kids giving J his presents.
IMG_20150621_100624 (Medium)
J and the kids at the race.
Here are some questions I've been asking the kids for a couple years and their answers.

What's your dad's name? Dada
How old is he? I don't know (k) 33 (j)
What is his job? Going to work
What's his favourite colour? uh blue
What does he like to eat? Yogurt, pancakes
What's his favourite animal? Cats, yeah I think Sandy he likes so much
What does he do when he gets home? I do not know
Who is your dad's best friend? Pike and Chris
How does dad smell? Nose
What's your favourite thing to do with your dad? I don't know 
What does dad always say? I don't know, mama.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your dad? Don't know what that should be
I love my dad because... hugs and kisses (k) playing minecraft (j)

My favourite is Little K's answer about how dad smells!

We capped off the weekend with dinner out with J's family and some chocolate cheesecake before bed. Summer is officially here... now we just need summer vacation.


  1. Your family is so adorable. I wish I could spend the night on a tent with my family in our backyard. We should try that sometime. Thank you for sharing. Happy Father's Day to J!

    1. Thanks Camille! Yes, try backyard camping - it's free and a good trial before heading out somewhere.