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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

End of year school BBQ

Another fun thing that takes place in June is the end of school BBQ. I don't think my school growing up had these, but they're great! For two hours one weeknight the kids all gather, parents get to chat, and funds are raised for the school. I love it!

This year there were no bouncy houses much to my kids' dismay, but there was the play structure and a ton of Little J's friends to play with. There was a petting zoo area and a fire truck stopped by. On the other side of the school were carnival games and face painting.

The pig was bristly.
The four of us shared dinner sitting on the grass and managed to not get pooped on by the circling seagulls. The pig was a big hit and so were the firetrucks.

J and Little K in the fire truck.
I can't wait for next year when Little K will have lots of friends to play with too. Does your kid's school do something similar? Did your school when you were in school?

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