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Thursday, June 18, 2015

End of school celebrations

It's mid June - school and preschool are wrapping up and summer is coming. In one sense I can't wait (no more lunches, no more buses, no more schedules) and in another sense I'm worried (two kids home all day every day for me to entertain). I want this summer to be amazing - for me and for the kids. I won't always have the ability to stay home and even though I'm working more I'm still able to be with my kids when a lot of parents can't.

Before we can get to our summer of awesome, we have to get through the last little bit of school, and that means "graduations". To me, not every ending requires a graduation. Graduations are a big deal and spending 10 months in preschool or kindergarten isn't the same as getting through 12 grades of school (13 if you're my age or older). That's not to say that I don't appreciate a celebration marking the end of a school year, I'm just so glad there were no little caps and gowns for either kid.

Little J's celebration was first. The night before he told me he was worried he wouldn't be able to sing all the songs because of his cough. I knew it meant a lot to him, that he'd worked hard. Him and his classmates sang so many songs in both English and French, with actions and dances, it was so cute! I had the biggest smile on my face and almost cried happy tears seeing him doing his thing.

He was so handsome too. He wanted to look nice so he wore jeans, a belt, the shoes he wore to SJ's wedding, and a short-sleeved button-up. He asked me to brush his hair before we left the house that morning, and didn't wear a hat so that it would get messed up.

20150602_131326 (Medium)
W is for the world of words we've barely dipped into.

20150602_131600 (Medium)
So cute!

20150602_133330 (Medium)
Un petit cochon.

20150602_134651 (Medium)

After all the songs, the teachers presented a certificate to each kid. I'm proud of my little man and know he learned a lot this year. We celebrated in his classroom after the concert and got to see where he spends most of his waking hours.

His class will have a little field trip to a nearby splash pad next week and then school will be done on Thursday. That's it - Little J will be done kindergarten... just in time for Little K to start!

Little K's school year is also coming to an end. She spent two mornings a week at a preschool program offered by the city. Little J was in the same program two years ago and we just love the teachers. Little K was so excited to go to preschool, but had a hard time when I left. It was weeks before she wanted to go, but she really flourished there.

The teachers always told me how smart she is and how well she was doing. They gave her extra worksheets and expected a lot out of her. She made some great friends and I'm excited that she'll have some of them in her class next year.

IMG_20150615_093512 (Medium)

IMG_20150615_094220 (Medium)
Pin the tail on the donkey.

IMG_20150615_103812 (Medium)
Giggling with her teacher.

To mark the end preschool parents were invited to a Mexican fiesta. The kids sang some songs and there were crafts to do and games to play. Again I was thankful that this wasn't a graduation though each kid came to the front and was given a SuperKid hat and was applauded. We ended the party with cake and a gift for the teachers.

My little girl is ready for school and we're all ready for summer!

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