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Friday, June 26, 2015

A special guest post from Sara McConnell

I would like to welcome Sara from Sara McConnell Photography to the blog! Sara is an amazing photographer here in Ottawa and she's sharing tips for getting the best pictures of your new, squishy baby. 

When each of my boys was born, I found myself spending countless minutes and hours just staring at them and wanting to remember every detail of their newness. My camera was always at the ready and I’m so glad that I can look back and relive those first few months of their lives when everything was so new, exciting and overwhelming.

Whether you have your Smartphone with you all the time, or your DSLR camera, you are probably excited to capture as many memories as you can of your precious little bundle. As one of Ottawa’s most popular newborn photographers, and as a mom to three boys, I have learned a few tips and tricks to remember when capturing those photos.

Tips for photographing your newborn baby

1) Take photos of your little one with all the important people in his or her life. Don't forget family friends, extended family members, and anyone who comes to visit.

2) Remember all the little details with photos: tiny toes, wrinkly fingers, brand new belly button, and their little button nose.

3) Take a photo every month with the same stuffed animal or toy so you can see just how much your little one grows during their first year.

4) Photograph your daily routine, not just special events. Those first tentative smiles, first walk around the neighbourhood, them in their nursery, or sitting in the garden or backyard.

5) Take photos from lots of different perspectives and angles. Lay down on the floor with your baby, photograph them close up, stand above them. Just remember safety first and make sure your camera strap is always around your neck when you are above your baby.

6) Turn off your flash.  Photograph your little one next to windows and use natural light, which is more flattering to their skin but also will eliminate harsh shadows.  If you want to learn how to turn your flash off and take photos using natural light, consider taking a workshop like my Learning to Use Your DSLR class.

7) Don't replicate newborn poses with your baby. Newborn safety is always #1 and professional newborn photographers are knowledgeable about newborn physiology and posing. Many newborn poses you see are composite images. This means several images have been combined
together for the final photo or the photographer has Photoshopped out parent hands which were providing support.

8) Use a small chalk board to record special dates and milestones and take a photo of your little one next to it: First food, first smile, and first tooth. Simple online tools like PicMonkey or Canva will allow you to add text to those photos for printing or online sharing. Grandparents love seeing these special moments!

9) Photograph your little one with the gifts their receive (blankets, hats, toys) and print copies of the photos for family members and friends to see how their gift was put to use.

10) Get in the photos with your baby. Make sure you hand over your camera to family members and friends so that you're in photos too!

You will be overtired, and at times overwhelmed with love for your newborn baby, but you’ll never regret taking the time to photograph these early memories. Happy photographing!

Sara McConnell is one of Ottawa’s most popular family, maternity and newborn
photographers and has been turning her client’s ordinary moments into extraordinary
memories for five years. Sessions are available in her professional photography studio or
on location and digital images are included with all session packages.

This makes me want to have another baby to get some good pictures of them. Maybe I'll settle for a family session with the "babies" I have. Thank you, Sara!

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  1. Awesome tips from Sara! The biggest thing that I forget to do is get in the pictures. I'm always behind the camera snapping away! I love all these ideas to capture such a special time.