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Friday, May 22, 2015

Red nails. Multicolour nails.

20150513_134630 (Medium)
Red Nails bus.

I love painting my nails. It isn't often my toe nails are bare, even in the cold winter months. What better occasion than a wedding to splurge and have someone else do the painting?

Instead of all of us going to a nail place, we had one come to us. Red Nails was perfect for our group. The bus came with two women who did pedicures and manicures for all 9 of us.

20150513_091913 (Medium)
Little K's rainbow of colours.
I couldn't stomach the thought of paying for Little K to have her nails done just to want it off the next day (or hours later if the past is any indication) so we rounded up a rainbow of colours for her little nails. She didn't want her toes done because she was going to wear socks and shoes at the wedding, but her fingers got pretty.
20150513_132518 (Medium)
Little manicure.
The rest of us picked out colours and sat back, chatted, and ate snacks. It was a nice afternoon and I ended up with sparkly purple on my toes and sparkly light pink on my fingers. Perfect party nails!

20150513_134700 (Medium)
Inside the bus.
The bus is decorated and had a party feel to it.

20150513_144652 (Medium)
Me and my baby girl.

Our nails looked great for the wedding. Have you ever used a mobile manicure/pedicure service? Would you?


  1. A mobile manicure/pedicure service sounds great! It's definitely new to me. What a neat idea. lol. Your daughter looks adorable, and she looks like she had a lot of fun. A great way to spend quality time with your baby girl. Thank you for sharing.

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