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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Currently posts are a way for me to catch up on the things that have been going on in my life, the little things that don't require a post of their own but that would be lost if I didn't write them down. This blog is my diary, my journal, my memory, and I don't want to forget a thing.


April was full of books - some fiction, some parenting, and some doula-related. I haven't read anything as good as Station Eleven but I have some good reads lined up so we'll see if anything compares. This month I really enjoyed The Red Tent. It made me long for a community of women and many, many babies. More coming in my book review post soon.


I'm always writing but this month my focus is on writing the copy for the National Capital Doulas website. It's a slow process because we really want to stand out and a good way to do that is to have a website that looks and sounds different from the other doulas websites out there. We're running a contest on our Facebook page where for sharing a picture you can win 2 passes to Tay River AQUA.


1) Little K's hair - She's recently gotten very interested in her hair.

20150429_085551 (Medium)
Pig tails.

20150428_135115 (Medium)
A braid.

2) Spring cleaning - One morning we washed the screens and the windows.

20150428_105318 (Medium)
My little helper.

3) Playing baseball again

20150428_200844 (Medium)
First practice after 6 years off.

4) Dressing up

20150430_083828 (Medium)
Little J proudly sporting his dress shirt and tie.

5) Attending amazing births

20150502_030532 (Medium)
Gorgeous picture in the waiting room where I was taking a break.

6) Scooters for the kids

20150501_161036 (Medium)
A 2-for-1 sale prompted us to get the kids schooters. They LOVE them!

7) Out and about with my 4 year old

20150429_110651 (Medium)

20150501_151754 (Medium)
Car naps? Really?

8) Enjoying the weather

20150501_150512 (Medium)
Marvelling that neither working car was trapped when the garage door broke.

20150430_112632 (Medium)
Park play time after preschool.

20150429_185227 (Medium)
Hill running after dinner.

20150428_170039 (Medium)
Driving in the backyard.

9) Science experiements

20150427_122859 (Medium)
What happens when you put a pinecone in water?

20150427_193444 (Medium)
It closes up!


Mother's Day is coming up so I've been busy making necklaces. Aren't these awesome? You can like Tiny Feet Creations on Facebook.

20150422_172355 (Medium)
Mother and daughter pendants.

20150430_140030 (Medium)
Tree of Life with a stone for each grandchild.

I'm sure I'm missing a million things, but that'll have to do. What have you been up to lately? Enjoying the awesome weather we've been having?

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  1. Your kids look adorable and the photos are great. I love the necklace especially the tree of life with a stone for each grandchild. I don't have a grand child though. lol. Will surely check out your Facebook. Thank you for sharing.