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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Canadian Infertility and #1in6

May 19-26 is Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

I've talked about loss here on the blog before. I've been upfront about the miscarriage I experienced during my first pregnancy. I've mentioned the twin that never was with Little K's pregnancy.

Something I haven't talked much about is my infertility journey. It took me close to two years to become pregnant. I know that my journey wasn't as long or as arduous as others' but it was my life for two years. It was two years of the disappointment of seeing another negative pregnancy test. It was two years of wondering what was wrong. Two years wondering if I'd ever get pregnant, if I'd be able to have a baby.

My journey is now in the past and I have two healthy kids of my own. I've experienced pregnancy and all that comes with it. I've experienced childbirth and life with a newborn. I've gotten to do what some will never do.

I've felt the rush of joy over seeing a positive pregnancy test, the soaring feeling when hearing the galloping rhythm of the heart beat. I've felt baby kicks and hiccoughs. I've had little toes in my ribs and a little body pushing across my swollen belly. I've felt the strength of contractions and have given in to the pull of labour over my body.

Infertility is real and it hurts. One in 6 Canadian couples are struggling with it. If nothing else, I want you to be aware. I want you to know that your friend, your coworker, your brother or sister is probably struggling right now. We don't talk about it very much. We suffer in silence.

Please know that when someone doesn't want to attend a baby shower, it could be that they can't stomach the idea of celebrating something they don't or can't have. Please know that when you flippantly say that you got pregnant without even trying or all he had to do was look at you.. those words are like daggers, straight to the heart.

I am 1 in 6.

Infertility Awareness Association of Canada

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