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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Women's Show Spring 2015

The same weekend as Kidsfest was the Spring Women's Show. I was a busy lady!

I took myself downtown, driving fast with the windows open and the music loud. I had a huge smile on my face.

20150411_155437 (Medium)
The view.
Sometimes trade shows can be hectic, with people everywhere, pushing and bumping in to you. Maybe it was the timing (mid-afternoon), the fact that it was beautiful outside, or my amazing mood but I floated through the show, taking it all in. I sampled all sorts of food and drink before making my way to the main stage. I watched some salsa dancing and chatted with vendors.

20150411_155445 (Medium)
Show magazine.
I'm always drawn to the jewelry booths and chatted with the sweetest couple from BC. She makes Ear Curls and other accesories and showed me her tools and told me about the process. He told me about the business side of things. They travel 1/3 of the year to craft shows across Canada and the US. The rest of the time they spend at home making more jewelry.

20150411_170905 (Medium)
Ear Curls.
My favourite booth at the show was Moonglow Jewelry where I bought a pendant. On one side is the moon from the night Little J was born, the other side has Little K's moon. The chain is long and the pendant is able to turn. I love it.

20150411_193925 (Medium)
My moon pendant.
I paid by credit card using Square and was happy to see it in action before having to use it with my clients (hey, you can pay for doula services by credit card now!). I picked up an extra Square to have around too. Such a neat little product.

It was such a nice afternoon and I was happy to be out and about by myself. Spending time with girlfriends is great but spending time by myself is something I need as well. The Women's Show was the perfect little outing.


  1. I went by myself too and really enjoyed the ability to go around at my own pace and not worry about anyone other than me!

  2. The pendant looks super cute. And yes, spending time alone is sometimes the best you can do for yourself. I could use some alone time right now. lol.