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Saturday, April 25, 2015

My new business: National Capital Doulas

I've been really busy lately building a business. It's true: I'm moving from my solo practice (Tiny Feet Doula Services) to a partnership with two other doulas.

I waited to mention it here on the blog because we're in transition right now. We offer a service that lasts up to 9 months so we all had clients from our solo practices who hadn't had their babies (still haven't in some cases!), and there is so much to set up when starting a business. We still don't have a website for example.

Moving to a partnership, which isn't the usual doula model here in Ottawa, has been challenging. We've had to really think about how we want to operate and the changes we need to make in our practices as we move forward with a single brand. We're developing our systems and working out the kinks.

Then there's branding. We had to find a graphic designer to work with and go through the creative process for our logo. What you see above is a placeholder. That is our business name, National Capital Doulas, and our tagline is Modern doulas for the modern family. The rest is undecided.

It's a bit crazy right now as we work hard on the paperwork and the branding, but we're open for business. I can't wait to share the website but in the meantime check out our Facebook page, National Capital Doulas. We're running a giveaway for Mother's Day. All you have to do is submit a picture - you with your mother, you with your kids.. something that makes you think mother - and you'll be entered to win passes to Tay River AQUA, the Northern spa experience in Perth, Ontario. (Read about my experience here.)

Our services are outlined on my website on the services page.

This is the future of doula work and I'm excited to share my journey with you.

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