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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Manotick Miler

20150426_114926 (Medium)
The Manotick Miler.

I realize I haven't talked much about sports on this blog and that's because I pretty much stopped everything when I first got pregnant 6 years ago. This may be news to you, but I started playing baseball when I was 3 and played competitive from the time I was 10. It was a huge part of my life and when an opportunity to play came up this year I jumped.

Okay, I thought about it and went back and forth for days, but eventually I jumped.

Last night was my first practice. I'm happy to say that I survived and my arm is only a little sore. I'm sure the rest of me would have been sore except my body was still hurting from my run on Sunday.

I signed up for the Manotick Miler back in December thinking I'd train all winter and I'd breeze through the 3 miler (almost 5K). Then I was sick pretty much all winter. I haven't run since December. Amazingly I was able to run the 3-mile race. It was so nice being out and getting exercise. The sun was shining and everyone was happy.

And then there was the 1-mile family run. Little K was not happy. She's 4 and definitely big enough to run a mile. I got to sprint after Little J the entire time. He is much faster than his sister who, I guess had it in her head that we'd run as a family, promptly lost her shit when he sprinted ahead. J ended up carrying her most of the way.

Guess what carrying a preschooler on your hip for one mile is good for? A broken back. I got off easy with the sprinting.

Little J and I crossed the finish line and headed back so we could cross again with J and Little J. We all got our medals and went home. Next year will be better.

Last year's recap here.

20150426_093035 (Medium)
The start of the 3-miler.

20150426_101627 (Medium)
Keeping it real: me after the 3-miler.

20150426_114832 (Medium)
Bibs and medals!
20150426_113013 (Medium)
So impressed with Little J's running and J's endurance.

IMG_1179 (Medium)
Happy family before the race.


  1. Good for you for running that 3 miler like nobody's business!

    1. Thanks Tracey! I'm hoping the next one doesn't hurt so much.