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Monday, April 20, 2015

Kidsfest 2015

I hope you'll excuse my little blogging break. You know when sometimes something has to give? You're busy and stressed and not doing anything well? Last week I had to take a step back. I missed it like I always do and now I'll catch you up on some things I've been doing. Thank you for your messages and emails :)

Kidsfest was two weekends ago and it was awesome! Last year Little K and I had fun. This year we all went and had a blast! What made it more special was meeting up with friends. Our 4 little people had a great time together.

I had a training Saturday so we had to go Sunday morning. We got there around 9:30am and it wasn't very busy. I guess a lot of people were out enjoying the best weather we've had yet this year. But it worked for us - hardly any line ups!

20150412_104648 (Medium)
Little J tackling the climbing wall.
Little J tried the rock climbing wall from Altitude Gym. He made it all the way to the top, loving every second. We might take the kids some time.

Right next to the wall were three different bounce houses. We spent most of our morning there, the kids happily racing through.

20150412_105950 (Medium)
Waiting their turn.
20150412_105758 (Medium)
Happily bouncing.
Eventually we dragged them away from the bouncing fun and explored the rest of the show. There were super heroes and princesses, pirates and animals. Zoo Crew had an area set up with bunnies and a ferret for petting. Both kids got their faces painted but before long we were back at the bounce houses.

20150412_110611 (Medium)
Little K took her turn on the climbing wall. She made it about 10 feet off the ground and was happy to come back down.

20150412_104432 (Medium)
Climbing girl.
20150412_112308 (Medium)
A pink and purple bunny and a red shark. Obviously.
Soon it was time for balloon animals (Birthday Party Magic makes really elaborate balloon animals) and rocking out the Junkyard Symphony while we waited. If you've never seen Junkyard Symphony, you really must. They play upbeat music and really know how to entertain a crowd. They use all recycled material... I even spotted some City of Ottawa green bins being used as drums.

20150412_113524 (Medium)
Taking in the show.
I'm not sure what the big difference was, but it was definitely better than last year. We can't wait to see what next year brings!

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