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Friday, April 3, 2015

Cruise Vacation 2015

GOPR2299 (Medium)

It's Good Friday and even though I'm still sick I had some time today to sit down with the blog. Now I know you don't care, but it's been bothering me that I still hadn't written up a post for our cruise. We went in February! It's been a long winter, with lots of colds and viruses and grossness. Thankfully we were all healthy for that week and spring is coming.

After our cruise last year we knew we wanted to go again and there were things we'd do differently. Well, we did and I'm happy to say that this year's cruise was amazing!

Last year we drove to New Jersey and left from there. The problem was that it was chilly for the first couple of days and the last couple of days. Four chilly days out of 7 didn't feel much like a vacation for a Canadian trying to escape winter. This year we spent more money because we flew to Florida and left from there. Seven days of beautiful weather. So worth it!

Flying with the kids wasn't without hiccups but overall it went well. Little J especially liked that he could watch tv the entire flight. Little K wasn't so easily entertained and needed a few activities to pass the time.

20150221_185735 (Medium)
Babies on a plane.
20150221_204100 (Medium)
When the kids can't reach the sink you improvise.
We spent the night at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale and since the ship didn't sail until late afternoon we got to explore the area a bit. We found big white birds to watch, a shark to climb into, lizards of some sort sunning, and a big outdoor store to explore.

20150222_124129 (Medium)
Happy kids with happy birds.

20150222_100429 (Medium)
Florida palm trees.

20150222_103223 (Medium)
Checking out a little lizard.

20150222_101331 (Medium)
Our first day on board was a lot of exploring too. Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas is enormous and we wanted to find out where all the cool stuff was, you know, the kids pool, the carousel, and the aqua theater. We also found Aquanauts, the kid's program, and registered the kids. More on that and the rest of our trip in the next post.

20150222_151533 (Medium)
Part of the kids pool.

IMG_2447 (Medium)
Blurry carousel picture.

IMG_2456 (Medium)
The aqua theater.

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  1. Sooo nice to escape the cold. Looking forward to hearing more about it!