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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cruise 2015 Part 2

GOPR2299 (Medium)

Before you read this post, catch up on Part 1 of our cruise here.

We were lucky with great weather almost the entire week. Even when it rained it was warm. I was able to lie in the sun and read and relax. J was able to do all sorts of things and the kids spent most of their time at Aquanauts where they played games, did crafts, got their faces painted, did a talent show, read books, and watched shows.

I'll just touch on some highlights day by day.

Day 2 - At Sea. This was our first full day on the ship. J got to try the flowrider and I tried the zipline.

IMG_2504 (Medium)
More carousel!

IMG_2499 (Medium)
Fun face paint.

IMG_2495 (Medium)

IMG_2471 (Medium)
J trying the flowrider for the first time.
Day 3 - Labadee, Haiti. This was the day we were most looking forward to. Royal Caribbean owns part of the island of Haiti. There was sun and sand and the beach. It was perfect.

GOPR2231 (Medium)

GOPR2242 (Medium)
The kids went crazy collecting shells and coral and rocks.

GOPR2266 (Medium)
Family picture!

GOPR2335 (Medium)
Big, beautiful tree.

GOPR2355 (Medium)
Fun at the beach.
Day 4 - Falsmouth, Jamaica. We didn't pay for an excursion so J and I checked out the port while the kids were at Aquanauts. Most of the day was on the ship.

GOPR2386 (Medium)
Coming into Jamaica.

IMG_2515 (Medium)
Mini golf at mid-day.

IMG_2526 (Medium)
The kids cozy in towels after a swim.

IMG_2536 (Medium)
J ziplining.

IMG_2550 (Medium)
J rockclimbing.

IMG_2554 (Medium)
How To Train Your Dragon on ice show.

IMG_2556 (Medium)
Fancy dinner night.

GOPR2396 (Medium)
At dinner.

IMG_2577 (Medium)
Pirate night at Aquanauts.
Day 4 - At Sea

GOPR2404 (Medium)
The view off the back of the ship.

GOPR2428 (Medium)
Proud kids with their medals.

IMG_2588 (Medium)
Quiet time in the room.

GOPR2443 (Medium)
Daily frozen yogurt after lunch.

IMG_2595 (Medium)
More flowrider action.

IMG_2609 (Medium)
More face paint.
Day 5 - Cozumel, Mexico. It was really hot in Mexico and so we spent not even an hour exploring the port in Cozumel.

IMG_2613 (Medium)
J's getting good.

IMG_2615 (Medium)
Watching dad on the flowrider.

GOPR2458 (Medium)
Me and my girl off to explore Cozumel.
Day 6 - At Sea. The highlight of the day for me was the show I went to with the kids. There was singing and dancing. The kids loved their show and J had fun watching the flowrider championship.

IMG_2634 (Medium)
The talent show I think.

IMG_2637 (Medium)
While J was at the flowrider contest, I took the kids to a show.

IMG_2641 (Medium)
There are dancers in the tree.. can you see them?

IMG_2649 (Medium)
Neat water show at the Aqua Theatre.

IMG_2651 (Medium)
The last face paint of the cruise.
Day 7 - Back to Florida then back to Ottawa. We spent most of the day traveling. It was a long day but nice to be home. Sandy was so excited to see us.

IMG_2660 (Medium)
Kids on the plane.

20150301_164522 (Medium)
Super small plane for the Montreal to Ottawa leg of the trip home.

We all had a great time. It was so nice going somewhere where the kids were looked after and J and I were able to relax. It was a true vacation and I'm already missing the heat and the tan.

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