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Saturday, March 28, 2015

World Doula Week - March 22-28

Today marks the end of World Doula Week, a week to celebrate doulas and spread the word. I was able to see two doula babies this week and in my head swirl thoughts of my doula friends, my growing business and new business venture, and business information from my training earlier this week. I had the opportunity to learn from a US doula who changing the landscape and leading what is being called the doula revolution. She was inspirational.

So many of the people I meet on this path are inspirational. I don't know if you know this, but doulas typically work on their own. We not only support our clients during labour, but we do all the work involved in running a business. It's not easy work.

It's not easy when getting clients means going to interviews and being hired as often as not. It's a lot of rejection. But we forge on and support the clients who hire us. We learn what matters to them and support their choices no matter what. We spend hours and hours away from our lives until that baby is born. We answer questions and provide information. We refer out.

We continue our education by going to trainings and workshops and reading. We learn what symptoms accompany which complications. We figure out where to find the best resources in our communities. We maintain relationships with care providers, nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, photographers, companies, and more, all so that we have answers for our clients. We learn to read people and situations.

It is my hope to make this my career. I want to be a professional doula so I'm going to work with professional doulas. My partners and I have been working hard on all the behind-the-scenes business stuff thia past month and I have more info on my Tiny Feet Doula website. A new website is coming soon.

This week I've been celebrating doulas and doula care and getting excited about the future. Tell me, did you have a doula at your labour? Why or why not?

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