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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #1

I'm feeling overwhelmed right now with LIFE you know, after being away for a week, dealing with being sick AGAIN, and just getting back on track. I have piles of laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, and so many ideas floating around my head about this blog, my other writing commitments, my business, my family. I've taken to carrying a notepad with me everywhere so that I can write things down to quiet my brain. It's only sort of working.

Today I thought I'd try something new. For a while I've been reading Rebecca's Thinking Out Loud posts (today's) and wanted to do one of my own. It's my way of procrastinating going through all the pictures from our trip and finally writing up a post about that. Amanda from Running With Spoons started Thinking Out Loud and I'm looking forward to reading her posts too, when I get a minute (you should see my feedly right now... I'm about 68472 posts behind!) 

Here goes.

1) Last night I sat on the couch and watched 3 shows back to back to back. It was exactly the kind of night I needed. Too many nights I watch tv while trying to write on the laptop with a book open beside me. Guess how much I actually get done. Zero.

2) We have a wedding coming up in May so Little K and I went out to pick up some shoes. We were going to pass a dress store I wanted to check out and she agreed we could stop. It's easier to ask her and have her be agreeable instead of dragging her somewhere she doesn't want to be. I'm not a fancy girl and don't like shopping or spending money in general, but we had a great time. My little girl was a big help - she did up the zippers for me and told me how pretty I looked and how much she loved me. Man, I need that kind of cheerleader in my life. It helps that I have an awesome tan right now too. I found a fun dress and had a good time with Little K. We didn't have time to pick up shoes that day, but we went out yesterday and got some. Again, she was fun to be with in the store and helped me pick out a pair to wear to the wedding.. she wanted ones that looked like hers. So cute!

20150303_141926 (Medium)
My little girl. (Not the dress I chose.)

3) Like I said, my head is just jam packed with everything. I have lists for everything and documents in Google Drive and still my thoughts race on and on. I'm supposed to be a "stay at home mom" (I'm not a huge fan of that term though I did take a 5-year leave from my job to stay at home with my kids.) My life is getting busier all the time and my head is spinning. It keeps me up at night actually. The more I get onto paper the better I sleep. I'm not used to having so many things on the go and I wonder what I'm missing. You can only have so many balls in the air before you start dropping them.

4) We were gone for a week. It's not something we do often, but we've done it over the years. This cat will not leave us alone. She missed us and is so clingy now and so quick to purr. You just have to look at her and she starts up. No sleeping the days away in a room by herself (she likes the sun in the kids rooms during the day) she's attached to me. It's better than the cold shoulder my parents get from their cat when they get home from vacation.

20150304_170317 (Medium)

5) I sent out an SOS note to my girlfriends for a get together. Only L could make it out and tonight we went for dinner at a little place in Barrhaven called La Porto a Casa. It was incredibly good and just what I needed.

20150305_181622 (Medium)
Yummy dinner out.

That's about it. I feel better. How's your week going?

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