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Monday, March 30, 2015

Tay River AQUA

20150327_194352 (Medium)
Tay River AQUA lit up at night.
There certainly are perks to writing about my life on the internet. Most recently I got the opportunity to attend an event at Tay River AQUA in Perth, Ontario, about an hour outside of Ottawa. This is a Nordic-style spa with hot tubs, heated gazebos, a fire pit, and a dry sauna.

20150327_185627 (Medium)
One of the pools and 2 gazebos from above.
Our first task was changing into our bathing suits and cozy robes. After a quick rundown of the controls we hopped in the heated pools. It was so peaceful with giant snowflakes gently falling on our heads, the contrast of the hot water and the crisp air was perfect. We chatted and I introduced J to people as they arrived. I was quite happy to float in the pool but J would have liked a cold pool or shower option. Staff came around every so often offering cool cloths.

20150327_192745 (Medium)
Stone fireplace in the lounge.
After not too long we were taken upstairs to the lounge for drinks and snacks. They have a full bar and a chef on site who prepared all sorts of fancy appetizers. There are comfy couches in front of a stone fireplace, a dining table and chairs for a more formal meal, a bar table with stools next to a serene fish tank. Plenty of options for any size group. It was a pleasure speaking with the owner and learning about her, the property, and her vision for future expansions, including cabins in the woods.

20150327_192501 (Medium)
Sunset at Tay River AQUA.
We caught a beautiful sunset. The atmosphere by the pools changing slightly in the dark, stars sparkling above and clouds dancing across the half moon.

20150327_193720 (Medium)
Full service gym at Tay River AQUA.
We were treated to a tour of the facilities. We saw plush sitting areas, cozy treatment rooms, a welcoming lobby, the physiotherapy area, and the gym with a running track and space for group classes. There are separate entrances in case you only want to visit the gym for example. The AQUA entrance is at the back of the property and could use a sign right above the door.

At Tay River AQUA you can do just the pools, sauna and gazebos, or you can get one of the packages that combines that with treatments from the medical spa. You can go for the day or just the evening. Hours and pricing are on the Tay River Reflections website. And if you want to make a weekend getaway, check out the nearby Perth Manor for accommodations.

Be sure to bring your bathing suit, a towel, and flip flops. You can rent a robe for an additional fee. Lockers in the change room have programmable locks and plastic bags are provided for getting your wet suit and flip flops home. There aren't any hooks in the showers so hang your towel on the door.

20150327_192437 (Medium)
Sunset reflected.
The first question most people ask is if Tay River AQUA is comparable to Le Nordik in Quebec. I've only been to Le Nordik once but I can tell you for sure that Tay River AQUA is smaller and has fewer options for pools and saunas. In my opinion, it's better. I liked the size and the atmosphere and the personal attention. It was quite easy to grab something from my locker, or go between the pools and the sauna and the lounge for snacks. But there was still plenty of room and it never felt crowded.

Tay River AQUA offers several other services on site including a full service gym with classes, and a medical spa with treatments like facials, manicures and pedicures, body wraps, hypnosis and acupuncture, massage and craniosacral therapy, waxing and electrolysis, dermabrasion, botox.. the list goes on! This would be the perfect place for a girl's day out, a day getaway with your partner, a doula retreat (hint hint, ladies!) and the owner is working on a neat concept called Mastermind sessions where you can meet business people and network while enjoying the pools and sauna.

I'm so glad I got to experience Tay River AQUA and can't wait to go back! Is the spa your thing?

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event and was able to experience Tay River AQUA free of charge. The opinions above are entirely my own. You can see more pictures on Twitter using #tayriveraqua and #tayriverreflections.


  1. I'm glad you were able to come and check it out! :) I know the cold shower is going in soon too - just waiting for the thaw.

    1. I'll be sure to tell J and hopefully we'll be back!

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