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Monday, March 9, 2015

Little K at 4

Are you in Ottawa? Have you entered to win passes to the Ottawa Spring National Women's Show? Do it! And now for a quick report on my little 4 year old girl.

_MG_4457.CR2 (Medium)
My four year old.
Little K was so excited for her birthday last month, but confused when her party wasn't on her actual birthday. Then she was confused when we didn't have a party on her actual birthday. It isn't easy being 4.

Little K has changed a lot in the past year. She now goes to sleep on her own and goes to preschool two mornings a week. She's so much better in the snow this winter and did really well both at the dentist and when she was sick. She watched her first movie in the theater (Big Hero 6) and had her first sleepover. She is still super affectionate and loves her family and Sandy, but still gets really mad (hulk smash mad), not as often as before thankfully.

Little K stopped nursing at 3 years, 4 months when I went away for a weekend. She has more freckles and her hair is a bit longer though she hasn't yet had a hair cut. She hates princesses and won't wear dresses or put her hair up, but she loves pink. Her favourite shows are Paw Patrol, Johnny Test, Octonauts, and Big Hero 6. She loves Sandy the cat, babies, pink, small things, and Hello Kitty. She's going to have a pet chihuahua and she wants to drive a yellow Beetle when she's older.

Little K is fully potty trained and has been for a while now. It seems like she might be left-handed, but she uses both hands for everything. She can write all of her letters and most of her numbers.

Now that Little K isn't having breastmilk she eats a little more during the day and she's pretty adventurous. She's obsessed with granola bars, which she calls cookie bars, and has started eating cake not just icing.

Little K can be understood almost all the time. There are still some words she messes up:
- upspy down for upside down
- goah for girl
- mine is for minus,

Little K goes to sleep well (she actually kicks us out of her room) and sleeps from 8 pm - 7 or 8 am. She will still nap in the car the odd time.

Little K is 40 inches tall and right around 30 pounds. For the most part her 3T clothing is getting too small and she's wearing 4T, but she still has shorts as small as 6-12m that still fit. She wears size 9 shoes.

(Little K at 3.)

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