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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ice Race

In November we bought a car so J could ice race this winter and race he did! There are 3 ice races after the winter autocross season. J missed the first two but was able to make the third before going out of town.

IMG_20150307_095718 (Medium)
The little green car.
He put a team together - himself and two other drivers - and they practiced all morning. The race was set to start after lunch. I arrived with the kids about half an hour into J's run (each driver gets an hour) and about 20 minutes later J got hit and went up onto a snowbank. He nearly went over but the car thudded down. He had to be towed off the course while the drivers raced on.

IMG_2666 (Medium)
Watching dad get towed.
It wasn't clear what was wrong with the car and J and his team were frantically trying to get to the bottom of it. Well, here's the problem:

IMG_20150307_133247 (Medium)
That tire is still attached. The axle was completely broken and un-fixable. Race over.

IMG_2669 (Medium)
Second car J's killed.
It was really interesting watching J and the other guys trying to figure out what was wrong. They had all sorts of tools and ideas, they borrowed a hammer and a mallet from another guy, they bounced ideas around. When it was clear the car was broken and their race day cut short, there were no hard feelings. The guys pushed the car off to the side and went to watch the rest of the race.

20150307_140159 (Medium)
J and his team.
We didn't stay much longer, but J did, and throughout the afternoon he helped other teams work on their cars. It's a neat atmosphere at the track. These guys know cars and are handy, race against each other, but they also work together. It made me wish I knew more about cars and could participate more than just standing around, making sure the kids didn't get in the way.

With my doula work I've found my tribe. With J's car stuff, he's found his. What will become of the little green car? J will probably fix it and race it again next year.

(Last year's ice race.)


  1. Ice car racing? That's CRAZY! I've never heard of that!! I'm so glad that no one got hurt and that they had fun. What a wild idea :)

    1. You should come watch next winter.. it's fun!

  2. This sounds like so much fun. I can only imagine how hard it is to drive on ice, but you guys actually race on it. Great thing that everything turned out fun considering what happened to the car. lol