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Monday, February 2, 2015

Voices of the Arctic

IMG_2207 (Medium)
Voices of the Arctic

In December, I was invited to check out the new exhibit at the Museum of Nature, Voices of the Arctic, for Kids in the Capital (read my review here). Just for the holidays, a huge floor map of the Arctic was on display. Now it's traveling around the country, spending three weeks at a time at schools teaching kids about the area.

IMG_2147 (Medium)
The huge Arctic floor map.
The exhibit though is still there in case you're looking for something to do this winter. Little K and I had a great time exploring and testing our strength.

IMG_2171 (Medium)
Push like a polar bear.

IMG_2174 (Medium)
Pounce like an Arctic fox.

IMG_2178 (Medium)
Jump like a hare.
I've always really liked penguins so I liked this huge display.

IMG_2183 (Medium)
Different eggs.
Little K liked the tactile parts where you could feel the hides of different Arctic animals.

IMG_2185 (Medium)
Touchy feely.
The iceberg display was neat. You push a button and the underwater parts lights up revealing the huge mass.

IMG_2191 (Medium)
It was also nice to see the size of things like the Arctic fox and polar bear footprints.

IMG_2192 (Medium)
She liked the curled up fox best.

IMG_2195 (Medium)
My paw is bigger than a polar bear's.
Some nice ladies took our picture. Just me, my baby girl, and an enormous polar bear.

IMG_2199 (Medium)
Little K and me.
The polar bear cave scared us. When you go in, a polar bear roar sounds and we both jumped back, hearts racing. Good times.

IMG_2200 (Medium)
Polar bear cave.
There is lots of life in the Arctic and this exhibit shows it all so well.

IMG_2203 (Medium)
More Arctic animals.

You have to let me know if you check it out and what you think. I'm always amazed at the exhibits and how well done they are. I learn something every time I visit the museum.

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