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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day 2014

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday this year which was the only day that made sense for Little K's birthday party. We decided to combine the two and had a red and pink birthday party with sugar hearts on the cupcakes. 2 birds...

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Happy heart cupcake.
Because it was on a weekend and because Friday was a PD day (a day off school), all the school celebrations were on Thursday. Little J handed out his Valentine's cards and received so much stuff in return. He made a red envelope to collect his loot - paper valentines, pencils, erasers, suckers, stickers, and chocolates.

At Little K's preschool they didn't do a specific celebration but some of the kids still exchanged cards. Little K gave valentines to 2 of her friends and her teachers. She also made valentines for her friends, her brother, me and J, our cat..

20150203_090008 (Medium)
Little K hard at work.
And that's really it. I admit that I'm not much for Valentine's Day but I do have a bin of stuff that I bring out every year because I know the kids love it.

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The dining room.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. I'll be back with a post about Little K's birthday. I still can't believe my little girl is 4!

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