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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little K's 4th Birthday

I swear Little K's birthday this year has stretched out over weeks. I am not complaining because I love my little girl and celebrating her has been fun. This year she's so excited for her birthday.

20150208_184649 (Medium)
First cake

It all started last weekend when we had dinner with J's family. She got a few presents and we sang to her before digging into the chocolate cake. We learned that we have to work on gratitude when, after opening her presents, she asked if there were any more. The problem with spreading out the birthday is that there is no big payout.

20150213_182535 (Medium)
Making her own cupcakes with her brother.

Little K and I worked on and off all week on her party. We went out and got decorations, we chatted about who to invite, we made up loot bags, we decorated, we shopped. It all came together and on Valentine's Day she got her party. Unfortunately most people couldn't make it, but we still had fun with our small group. She says her favourite present was a Hello Kitty set but she had a great time with her new Lego and the art projector thingy too. We had lunch and cupcakes and celebrated our girl.

_MG_4440.CR2 (Medium)
Present opening.

_MG_4446.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_4453.CR2 (Medium)

20150214_124726 (Medium)
Balloon fun!

20150214_131951 (Medium)
Sneaking fruits and veggies. Joke's on them!

Between her party and her actual birthday Tuesday Little K got quite sick. It was sad and frustrating that her actual birthday was clouded with an upset tummy. It was a Tuesday, but we were all home. We gave her presents in the morning and she got a special toy at the dentist office (Little J had an appointment). At the grocery store she picked out two Kinder eggs and we ordered pizza for lunch.

20150217_070905 (Medium)
First picture of my little 4 year old.

20150217_090129 (Medium)
Opening presents.

We let the kids pick what to have for dinner on their birthdays, but poor Little K could hardly eat anything and definitely none of the cake a friend brought over. Her birthday ended with presents from her aunt SJ that came in the mail and an early bedtime.

20150217_191112 (Medium)
More presents.

We still have more birthday celebrations coming up with J's parents and with my parents. It's incredible how lucky my little girl is and how lucky I am to be her mama.

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