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Friday, February 20, 2015

Little K's 4th birthday questionnaire

Continuing on with birthday week.. here's a fun post with answers to questions I asked my newly-turned-4 year old.

20150121_181445 (Medium)
Happy girl.
Years ago I started asking the kids these questions on their birthday. I love seeing their answers. This time with Little K was tricky because Little J was there and wouldn't stop answering for her. Despite that I think her answers are what she really thinks.

How old are you? Four.
What's your name? Little K {She said her name.}
Where do you live? What do I say? {She said our street name.}
What's your favourite colour? Light pink!
What's your favourite food? Pancakes
Who is your best friend? You and Dad and Sandy
What's your favourite game? Uh, my new Hello Kitty matching game
What's your favourite tv show? Ahh, Paw Patrol
What do you want to be when you grow up? Ah, like, I don't know. I'll just see what one I want to do.
What's your favourite animal? Ah, I just have to know for a minute. Like, bunnies!
What's your favourite book? Uh, my new Hello Kitty one!
Do you have a boyfriend? Little J. {She said her brother's name.}
What's your favourite song? Shake It Off
What's your favourite letter? K

I love her!

If you want to read through past questionnaires, they're all here. I read them to the kids the other night and we had a good laugh. Do you do anything like this with your kids? Any other birthday traditions? We also let the kids pick what we have for dinner on their birthdays. This year was tough because Little K was recovering from the stomach flu. She requested sausages and then didn't eat a thing. Poor girl.

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  1. My son's favourite song right now is "Shake it Off' (although it's pretty much anything Taylor Swift" and my daughter lose "Call Me Maybe".

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo