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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The first time is the hardest...

20150105_115303 (Medium)
Home sick.

The first week of the new year wasn't exactly what I expected. After limping through Christmas, missing dinners and get togethers because of one or more of us being sick, we got worse. And that's why our week was hard.

J was back at work and I was getting breakfast ready, mentally preparing myself for the morning we would spend waiting at the walk-in clinic. Of course we get sick when our doctor is on holidays. Twice. At least we had scouted out the clinic the week before when Little K had Scarlet Fever and knew what to expect. Unfortunately it was raining and the roads were icy. We spent more than 2 hours waiting to be seen, but I'm glad we went. I had a bad case of strep throat and Little J wasn't feeling too hot either. Not strep for sure but definitely something. The poor guy was feverish, not eating much, and throw in some puking. Awesome.

Him and I were a sad state of affairs and missed the first and second day of school while the antibiotics did their work. Little K stayed home in solidarity, either that or I just really didn't want to bundle us all up to take her to preschool for a measly 2 hours.

We had soup and juice, books and baths, and lots of time in front of the tv. By Tuesday night Little J was feeling better, well enough to want to go to school, and my doula baby was getting things going. J got to spend the super cold Wednesday getting Little J to school and playing stay-at-home dad while I spent the day at the hospital with my client.

Thursday was my first day back and it was an adjustment. Getting breakfast for the kids, lunch and snacks packed, both kids to school/preschool, was almost too much. I came home on my 2-hour break and collapsed. I spent the day getting used to the real world again, having forgotten among all the sterile equipment and oxytocin the day before.

Just when I was hitting my stride the week ends and we're into the weekend. Laundry and birthday parties and swimming non-lessons and groceries and maybe a nap. Our routine was lacking over the holidays and I found myself craving the predictableness of our day-to-day, but after only 2 days I'm glad it's the weekend. I'm extra glad our rough week is behind us. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing until our next break of routine when we head south for a cruise. Weee!


  1. I hope that this work/school week treats you better than the one that just past! I also hope that you will be soaking up the sun when you go on your cruise!

    1. Thanks Reese! I can't wait for the cruise. It helps having something to look forward to.