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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mini updates

It's been so long that I've posted. January has been kicking my ass and my to-do list is just growing and growing. To get back into the swing of things, here are some updates on what's been going on in my life.

The cold
It has been so freaking cold lately and so we've been spending a lot of time inside. A lot of popcorn and movies, reading, playing games, but also learning to play guitar. J got himself 2 new electric guitars and the kids are learning to play their ukeleles. It's cute.

20150121_181437 (Medium)

I'm not sure I mentioned this on the blog before, but late in December, when it was time to sign the kids up for swimming lessons, we hesitated. Neither was a fan and neither was making much progress in lessons. I don't know if it was the pool (cold water with no real shallow end) or the instructor (a pretty lazy, uninspired guy) but there was definitely a block. And what's worse than forcing your kids to do something they obviously don't like? Every week it was like pulling teeth just to get them both in the water.

We looked at public swim times and decided we would take them at least once a week to a different pool with a warm and shallow pool to see. Well, it's been great so far! Little J is now able to put his face in the water, float on his tummy and back, do front and back glides unassisted, and do bobs. It's incredible. Little K's progress has been a little slower, but she's getting there. She's definitely more comfortable in the water and they both ask all week when it's time to go swimming.

Just when we got both kids into the non-parented levels that we end up all back in the water. But it's so much nicer - a fun activity we can all do together that everyone looks forward to.

My doula work is plugging along. I've had one client a month since November and am currently on call for my last one before taking some time off for our trip. Last week I mailed off all the paperwork for my certification. It will be months before I hear anything, but I hope to be certified by the summer. I needed to include evaluations from three clients and it turns out I was able to use the first three births I attended over a year ago. I could have sent this in a long time ago. At least it's in now.

There are some workshops coming up that I'm excited for. One is a business training that will be so helpful. Our workshop really didn't cover much about running a business, and it's so important. The other is about birth trauma which isn't a pleasant topic, but something a lot of women experience. Not only the labouring woman, but her partner, the care givers, the doula... birth doesn't always go according to plan and I'm hoping to learn some things for how to deal with situations that may come up.

I'm still plugging away at book after book. I think what I'll do is share once a month the books that I've read and ask for your recommendations. I know I say it a lot, but I really do want to know what you're reading and love to talk about books. This month I went on a bit of a Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame) kick and also read a couple by Jodi Picoult. I'll try and get my review post up tomorrow.

You know I haven't been writing much here, or anywhere really, but I do have exciting news. I've accepted a position writing for My first assignment is to check out The Dailey Method and write about them. The article is set to be published next month and I will share the link here. I'm hoping to continue writing for Ottawa Mommy Club and Kids in the Capital as well. I just need to find the time and the inspiration.

My birthday is in a couple days and I can hardly believe it. This entire month has flown by in a haze of sickness. I'm ready to start a new year feeling healthy. Fingers crossed this cold clears up before Saturday! 


  1. "Salt, Sugar, Fat" by Michael Moss was really good read.

    1. Sounds like it might fit in with Hungry for Change, a documentary I watched about eating well.