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Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for 2015

New Year's Eve in this house is pretty much like every other night. We get the kids to bed, watch some tv, read, and go to sleep. I did manage to see the clock go from 11:59 to 12:02 (I was awesome and stayed up for an extra 2 minutes). It wasn't the rocking party I'm sure a lot of you had, but this is the season of my life and I'm okay with that.

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Now that it's the new year, I take a good look at my life (or lack of life!) and make some goals. Kind of like resolutions but I like the idea of goals better. I've split them up in past years and it's worked well. Even without keeping them in mind I manage to achieve a lot of my goals and that's how I know I've picked good ones. This year I'm adding some stretch goals. Ones that I will have to keep in mind during the year and really work for. The idea is to grow, to get better. Let's get this party started!


My first goal is all about the books. In 2014 I read 62 books and it was awesome. I'm happy when I'm reading, reading grounds me. This year I want to read 50 books. It'll push me to read about a book a week and I know I can do it.You can follow along on Goodreads or on SavvyReader.


Like I need books in my life, I also need to be writing. I've learned over the years that I don't feel good when I'm not writing so I make it part of my life. I've been writing in this space for a decade and it has led to many opportunities and income, which is unreal.

My newest venture is to write articles for SavvyMom.ca and I couldn't be more excited! I hope to continue writing posts for Ottawa Mommy Club and Kids in the Capital. and I want to post regularly on my doula page.

And to get better at my craft, I will be attending the BConnected Conference in May (got my tickets already!) and the Social Capital Conference if it's happening. There are also local blogging and social media events that come up. They don't make me a better writer but it's nice to spend time with people in real life that I know on social media. Connections lead to opportunities.


My main goal when it comes to my doula work is to apply for certification this month. I have a deadline mid-month and a lot of work to do before then. I also need to update my website (Tiny Feet Doula Services) with some pictures and I will be attending Pro Doula's Advanced Business Training in April.

I attend monthly DoulaCARE meetings, workshops that come up throughout the year, and the doula retreat in the summer. I really appreciate the structured and casual learning opportunities and the chance to connect with other doulas and birth workers.

For my volunteer work with Mothercraft (the Birth Companion program), I hope to get my first match.

For my creative outlet, Tiny Feet Creations, I'm toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop.

My personal goals are a little vague and I'm not sure what to do about it. This is where I struggle most, but with the kids getting bigger and more independent, taking time for myself is getting easier. In general, what I would like to do this year is eat better and exercise more.

Specifically I've been moving towards a more paleo way of eating. I've considered doing the Whole 30 (where you eat clean for a month) but don't think I can hack it. I have stopped drinking coke, stopped putting sugar in my tea, started eating less grains and more veggies. I'm getting there and might get all the way to paleo and that's my stretch goal. I will definitely have to work for it.

As for exercise, I need to do more of it. I've tried challenges but nothing ever sticks. This year I'm going to find what works for me and make exercise a habit. My goal is to sweat every day. I want to do squats, planks, and pushups often. I want to do yoga a lot more. And I want to run and bike. I've signed up for a 3-mile race at the end of April and am looking into a few more races, maybe a 10K or half marathon because then I will HAVE to run.

So... reading, writing, eating better, and exercising. Am I predictable or what? What are your resolutions, goals, or words for 2015?


  1. Good luck with your goals! I don't make resolutions, but I am hoping that I can get a little more active with the kids, and hoping to be more patient with them as well! Happy new year

    1. More active and more patient.. sounds like me too!

  2. Those sound like great and attainable goals! I am working on getting back on the horse so to speak for fitness. I stopped doing my workout a month ago and am feeling it! ;) Good luck in 2015 and see you at Bconnected!

    1. I so wish I was addicted to exercise... wouldn't that be great?

  3. How are you doing so far? I chose a word this year, 'thoughtful', and I do think it's helping me to guide my actions a bit better. It sounds like you have a busy life and lots of good goals to achieve!

    1. Not so well actually, I spent the entire month sick. Here's hoping February is better!

  4. You have sooooooooooooo many goals! It's almost February, and I don;t have many for this year! I think it's amazing what you are trying to accomplish this year, and I hope tht you surpass each and every one of them!