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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Writing letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa isn't something I remember doing as a child. I'm not sure if we didn't do it or if I just don't remember doing it. I don't have a very good memory. Either way, I thought this year my kids would be old enough so I printed off two templates from the Canada Post website (totally not necessary, but it made things easier) and made that our activity after school one day.

The kids were able to fill out all the answers like their name and address, their teacher's names and what their favourite things to do are. I had to help with the spelling but they wrote every single letter.

_MG_4279.CR2 (Medium)
So serious.

They were so serious when filling out the letter. I loved seeing them write and get excited about getting a response. They addressed the envelopes and ran off to play.

IMG_1984 (Medium)
All done!

I'll be putting them in the mail tomorrow and we will eagerly await the response from the elves at the North Pole. (More info in my post here if you want to do this with your kids.) Do your kids write a letter to Santa?

_MG_4271.CR2 (Medium)
Our advent calendar.

Our activities so far:

December 1st: Put up and decorate tree.
December 2nd: Colour in Christmas colouring books
December 3rd: Read a fun Christmas book
December 4th: Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments
December 5th: Write a letter to Santa

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