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Friday, December 12, 2014

Snow expedition

When the big snowflakes start falling, for one minute, I think pretty. Especially if it's November or early December, like now. The snow is so sparkly and blankets everything, making the world a bit softer.

Then I shake my head. The reality of snow is shoveling and cold and wet feet and bad driving and long commutes and hassle. Everything is colder and wetter and takes longer.

The kids, they don't lose focus. They don't care about how people don't know how to drive when there's some white stuff on the roads. They don't care about their hats and mitts getting wet. They think WHITE! SNOW! FUN! SPARKLY! OOH!

IMG_2057 (Medium)

In the mornings, I rush them to get dressed and brush their teeth because I know it's going to take us twice as long to walk to the bus stop. They see mountains and valleys, a trek worthy of National Geographic, a veritable snow expedition where the only goal is to have fun.

I can learn something from my little friends. They're really good at living in the moment. They don't remember me yelling GET DRESSED WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE! They see the piles of snow and marvel at the possibilites. Will they make it up this mountain? What's on the other side? They giggle when they trip, staying a minute kneeling in the snow. They pick up handfuls to throw and watch as the wind scatters it everywhere. Their eyes sparkle with delight.

It takes us so long to go there and back, but who cares, we just traversed the white distance and lived to tell our tale. We'll be doing this expedition twice a day for months and months. Might as well marvel along with them.

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  1. Aw, such a sweet post - and I totally empathize. What a great reminder to try to enjoy the slow and the cold!