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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our weekend activities: Santa Claus Parade and Looking at Lights

I was a little sad that we'd be missing Manotick's Santa Claus parade this year. I looked around for other, similar things we could do, and found a couple that would work, but then, when my training was done early on Saturday, I was so happy that we could go to the parade after all!

I bundled up the kids and we rushed over. I found a not-quite legal parking spot and we got to the parade just a little late. We found Mimi (J's mom) and stood with her and a very sweet police officer. The past two years were freezing so it was so nice that the temps were right around 0 and no one froze.

The highlights of the parade were the little race car, the big penguin (Little K is a bit obsessed), Santa, and all the candy the kids were given. Oh, and thanks to Manotick Miler for the cowbells. Those were awesome in the car afterwards.

IMG_1989 (Medium)
Enter the cowbells.

IMG_1990 (Medium)
Beep! Beep!

IMG_1993 (Medium)
Happy penguin!

IMG_1998 (Medium)
And Santa.

IMG_2003 (Medium)
Our family shot post parade.
On Sunday, again I wasn't sure what activity to do, but J had a dinner meeting so I decided to take the kids out for dinner. What can I say, I'm lazy. We ate and then I bundled them up in the backseat with a blanket and we drove around almost the whole neighbourhood looking at lights. Or, as they like to say, looking for wonderlands. Well, we certainly found a few!

We oohed and aahed at all the lights, though the little snowmen were definite favourites. It's incredible how all-out some people go. It puts our one string of lights to shame and makes me want to go all-out too, but who has time for that?

IMG_2019 (Medium)
Ho! Ho! Ho!

IMG_2020 (Medium)
All. Out.

IMG_2021 (Medium)
A wonderland!
I love when things come together and they certainly did this past weekend.

_MG_4271.CR2 (Medium)
Our advent calendar.
Our activities so far:

December 1st: Put up and decorate tree.
December 2nd: Colour in Christmas colouring books
December 3rd: Read a fun Christmas book
December 4th: Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments
December 5th: Write a letter to Santa
December 6th: Santa Claus Parade
December 7th: Looking at lights

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