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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ninja Turtle Ornaments

_MG_4278.CR2 (Medium)
Our Ninja Turtles.

I saw these on Pinterest and knew we HAD to make them. I stopped by a mall after a meeting earlier this week, since I was already out, to grab some supplies. I found a pack of green ornaments at the dollar store and decided on coloured tape when I couldn't find any ribbon at Target. I sold the idea of the non-Ninja Turtle colours to the kids by convincing them we had to make our own and name them too!

Here are the DIY instructions in case you can't figure it out from the pictures.

- Take a green ornament and put coloured tape (or ribbon) around the middle of the ball.
- Glue some googly eyes on the tape.
- Draw on a mouth. The mouth is what makes them.
- Marvel at your very own ninja turtles.

_MG_4273.CR2 (Medium)
Part of the process.

Don't let Little K's face confuse you: she was super excited but not happy about waiting for the glue to dry. Our Ninja Turtles are decorating the tree. I'm looking forward to pulling them out every year.

_MG_4271.CR2 (Medium)
Our advent calendar.

Our activities so far:

Monday, December 1 - Put up and decorate tree
Tuesday, December 2 - Colour in Christmas colouring books
Wednesday, December 3 - Read a fun Christmas book
Thursday, December 4 - Make TMNT ornaments

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