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Monday, December 8, 2014

Mini Pop Kids ~ Review

I'm taking a little break from the Christmas posts to talk about music. Music is a big part of my life: the radio is turned on the minute I get downstairs in the morning and only goes off at bed time. I have music in the living room, my bedroom, the bathroom, the garage, and the cars. Some people turn on the tv for background noise, we turn on music.

The kids have grown up listening to whatever we're listening to. Most often it's the radio and not too long ago I switched from an alternative station to a pop one after I realized the kids loved being able to sing along. Little K's absolute favourite these days is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and they both love All About That Bass.

IMG_2027 (Medium)
Mini Pop Kids 11 and 12

Those two songs are even better when they're sung by kids and that's where Mini Pop Kids come in. This is a group of Canadian kids that cover popular music. I was sent two of their albums to review: Mini Pop Kids 11 and 12. We popped in the first disc of Mini Pop Kids 12 and were treated to Shake It Off followed by All About That Bass. I'm not even kidding. The kids were jumping around the living room with huge smiles on their faces. They're in love with these CDs and we've had many dance parties in the last week.

I had never heard of Mini Pop Kids but they've been around since the 80s. Obviously not the same kids, but albums with kids covering popular music. They started with records and tapes and are now using CDs, MP3s, and have a YouTube channel. Ahh technology.

Mini Pop Kids 11 has a few of Little J's favourites: The Fox and Radioactive. It's fun seeing him get really into a song or asking me to twirl him around the living room. At 5 he's getting heavy!

IMG_2028 (Medium)
Mini Pop Kids 11.

IMG_2029 (Medium)
Mini Pop Kids 11

Both kids love Mini Pop Kids 12, but starting it off with Shake It Off sealed the deal for Little K. It's like listening to the radio but with kids singing so it's not bad.

IMG_2030 (Medium)
Mini Pop Kids 12

IMG_2031 (Medium)
Mini Pop Kids 12

I'm sure we'll be listening to these CDs on repeat. You can get Mini Pop Kids 12 at Amazon and Walmart, or from iTunes. Your kids will love it!

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