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Monday, December 22, 2014

Little K's preschool fun day

Last week was full of endings: the last preschool class, the last day of school, swimming, and karate. Everything is wrapping up before Christmas vacation and I'm heaving a sigh of relief. It's nice to have things end nicely and even nicer to have fun things marking those endings. For Little K it was her preschool fun day. Parents were invited to stay during class last Tuesday and I couldn't wait to see my little girl with her friends.

When we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the teachers led the kids in some of the songs they do every class. The kids were not really into it, eyeing all the parents, generally suspicious of us. But they loosened up and did their little things: a song about animals where Little K was a beaver, playing with bouncy balls, a parachute, doing actions to a song, and playing kick-baseball.

IMG_2091 (Medium)
Parachute fun.
IMG_2097 (Medium)
Kinderjam pompoms.
A lady from Kinderjam came and led the kids through some fun songs with props and then it was time for snacks and a craft. It was adorable and not drawn out. I had fun talking to other moms, some I've known for a while and some I just met in September. We smiled as our kids were shy and excited and happy and even tearful. It was cute.

IMG_2100 (Medium)
Little K with her friend M.
I got a cute picture of Little K with her little friend M. We've gotten together a couple times outside of preschool and I hope they're in school together in the fall.

IMG_2109 (Medium)
How cute are they??
I'm looking forward to a break from preschool and our other activities but I'm so glad that Little K loves it there and will be happy when it starts back up in January.

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