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Monday, December 22, 2014

Little J's School Christmas Concert

Last week was also Little J's Christmas concert and party at school. I remember being a little wary about the whole thing last year, thinking it would be this long drawn-out thing with kids we didn't know and I'd be wishing I'd stayed home. Thankfully it was quick and cute and I'm so glad I went. This year I didn't have the same apprehension, just excitement, and I knew Little J was excited too. He'd been practicing his songs in the days and weeks leading up to the big day.

We joined J's parents and my parents in the school library and watched with huge smiles on our faces as Little J and his classmates sang and danced and recited Goldielocks and the Three Bears en francais. It was so cute. Little J wore his pink dress shirt because he wanted to look fancy. That's my boy!

IMG_2210 (Medium)
Pink shirt and gold crown.
I'm going to cherish the videos I took and will giggle every time I think of Little J banging his jingle bells against his hip.
IMG_2216 (Medium)
Little J and his classmate.
The party afterward was in the classroom and was a little crazy - lots of kids, teachers, and parents packed into one room. Little K had snacks with Little J and his classmates while J and I hung back, chatting with other parents. I got to look around and found a pile of hibernating bears and Elf Little J.

IMG_2224 (Medium)
Hibernating bears.
IMG_2225 (Medium)
Elf Little J.
We took Little J home with us and I had fun walking behind this trio as we left. I can't wait for Little K to be at school too. I think she's going to love it.

IMG_2226 (Medium)
Little C, Little J, and Little K.
I loved seeing Little J in his element and was proud of how hard he worked.

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