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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last-minute gift idea: Just Play Toy Rental!

I remember when I was in university I typically had exams until well into the third week of December. I'd be rushing to pack up and move 2 hours home for the holidays and still needed to get all my shopping done in 1.5 days or so. That was no fun. These days I make a list in November and try and get it all done pretty early in December. Plus I do most of my shopping online so I rarely have to go to a mall. Have you seen the craziness during the time of year when people are supposed to be nicest? No, thank you.

I consider the week before Christmas to be last minute. I hate that I don't have a gift for everyone on my list, but I have the freedom of not having a day job and so I'll be doing the rest of my shopping during the day.

I find that my kids are the easiest to buy for. One: they want everything. EVERY thing. Two: I know them best. I know exactly what toys they'd love and I want to buy them all the things. I don't know if that's a normal parent feeling, or if it stems from growing up with not much money, but I really do want them to have everything. And I know - I KNOW! - that the more they have, the less they value. I know that less is more. I know they don't need stuff. But let's face it, kids love toys. They love stuff and that's not changing any time soon.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to try out a toy rental service, Just Play Toy Rental, for 3 months right around Christmas time. We were given a pile of high quality, super fun toys and by the time the kids were getting bored, we got new ones. Even with Christmas and the inevitable influx of stuff, the Just Play Toy Rental toys were the ones they played with most.

I'm so happy to have Just Play Toy Rental as a sponsor in this space. I've spent time with the owner and have gotten to know her philosophy when it comes to toys. Toy renting is a great way to try out toys before you buy, to get some bigger toys that you don't necessarily want in your house long-term, or seasonal toys that you spend a lot of money on but only get to use for a short time. Just Play Toy Rental has you covered. And if you buy a 3 month toy subscription this month, you'll get $20 off. That's a great deal!

Stay home.. relax.. and play! Give your kids the gift of new toys every month and give yourself the gift of not having to store those unused toys for years to come. Now where is my list....

Just Play Toy Rental is an Ottawa company that delivers high quality, developmentally-appropriate toys right to your door. One toy one time or with a monthly subscription.

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