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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flu shot fiasco

I've been getting the flu shot every year for the past few years. It was really important to me to protect my babies while they were small by getting the shot for myself. Once they got big enough, they got the shot too.

Last year was easier because Little J was only in school in the afternoons. We got so much done in the mornings. This year I was happy to learn that my doctor works some afternoons so Little K and I picked up Little J from school Monday and headed out.

I was prepared with snacks and the wait wasn't so bad, but both kids were getting anxious. We were put in a room and I got my shot first. By this point, Little K was almost crying. I put Little J on my lap for his shot. He cried as soon as the needle went in. Now Little K is screaming.

I have no problem with them crying. I know the benefits of a bit of pain for a shot outweighs suffering through the flu. I couldn't convince Little K to get the shot or to stop crying. The doctor left to see another patient while I worked on Little K.

When the doctor came back I forced Little K to get the shot. I physically held her down while the doctor stuck her. It was awful. She screamed and cried and probably felt betrayed. Little J was crying becasuse his sister was crying.

I packed us up and went to leave. The admin gave the kids each a sucker. It went like this: lick, lick, WAIL! Lick, lick WAIL! We made our way downstairs where Little K dropped her sucker. Game over. They both stopped with the licking and just wailed. Screaming, crying, snot everywhere. People stopping and staring.

Did I mention our doctor's office is on the second floor of the grocery store and this was about 5pm on a weeknight? The place was packed.

One woman stopped and asked if Little K wanted another sucker. Turns out her son had one and was okay giving it to the screaming child. The silver lining in all of this. The kids were both still screaming but I managed to get us out of the grocery store and into the car.

We got home and I told J all about it and said that he was doing the next shots. I'm done.

And the worst part is I'm not even sure if I did the right thing. Was all that - the crying and holding them down and screaming - worth it? Would they have gotten the flu without the shot? I just don't know.

IMG_2032 (Medium)
Happily eating grapes before the flu shot.


  1. I have had to physically restrain and force my oldest with needles, and I hate it. This year, we did the flumist instead (it is a squirt in their nostrils - no needle) 2 seconds, no tears, no fights....

    1. I wish my doctor had that as an option. Sounds so much easier!

    2. It's a prescription - you just need to ask them; you fill it at the pharmacy and I did it at home (some physicians will have you back in to the office for them to administer) Our pediatrician recommended it last year when I told him how awful it was for Mr. J getting shots - it wasn't available in canada at the time though. It is now!

  2. When my daughter was younger we had to restrain her for shots. We actually started to use the Emla cream and that helped, but bribery (Grandma gave her $5 if she behaved and didn't scream/ need too much restraining) was the best. Not that she is getting shots at school with other kids, she is much better about it.

  3. Oh no :( just an awful moment. Sorry it didn't go well. But you were doing your job Mama, whether or not they would have gotten the flu! Hopefully next year is better.