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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Before this year ends, I need to talk about Christmas! Our house is actually back to normal and I'm happy to report we weren't overrun with new stuff. We all got things we needed and wanted, but not too much. It was quieter this year too because of Little K being sick and I didn't take many pictures. I hope my words will be enough.

_MG_4321.CR2 (Medium)
Our Christmas card picture.

We did dinner on Christmas Eve with J's family as per tradition and gave the kids their pjs to open. When we got home we cracked open the Santa beacons (glow sticks) and put them on their window sills. The kids were so excited but managed to fall asleep quickly. J and I got to wrapping and were done and in bed by 10pm. A Christmas miracle!

FullSizeRender(1) (Medium)
Family picture from Christmas Eve.

Morning came soon enough and promptly at 7am Little J was in our room buzzing with excitement. We made him wait so Little K could get a little more sleep and J could make pancakes. J had to wake up Little K and we opened our stockings. Little Legos and Shopkins and Johnny Tests everywhere!

20141225_074924 (Medium)
Little K opening her stocking.
20141225_074929 (Medium)
Little J opening his stocking.
J arranged the pancakes into snowmen for the kids complete with chocolate chip eyes. The chocolate definitely contributed to the craziness! We keep Christmas pretty small and follow the 4-gift rule plus one gift from Santa and the kids get each other something. The Star Wars Lego set and Hello Kitty lamp were from Santa.
_MG_4410.CR2 (Medium)
Ripping into their Santa gifts.

_MG_4421.CR2 (Medium)
Happy kids!
J's parents and sister SJ came over and the chaos continued. Last year was all about Octonauts and Ninja Turtles, this year was Lego and Hello Kitty. It was fun watching the smiles and hearing the cheers when gifts were opened. I was rethinking some of my gift ideas but I shouldn't have worried: everything was well received.
_MG_4424.CR2 (Medium)
Little J opening a Lego Chima set from his sister.

_MG_4426.CR2 (Medium)
Little K got a Lite Brite from her brother.
Here's a glimpse of the disaster that was my living room:

_MG_4428.CR2 (Medium)
We used to rush here and there on Christmas Day but my brother wasn't yet in town so we spent some time at home in the middle of the day. I am officially a master builder after putting together 4 Lego sets.

_MG_4429.CR2 (Medium)
New "fish".
The rest of Christmas was a mix between family get togethers and spending time at home. We did dinner with J's family that night. Boxing Day the next day was pretty low key (amazing how that happens when you avoid the stores altogether). On the 27th we did Christmas with my family (you'll have to take my word for it because I don't have any pictures). Little K was not feeling well and puked in the car on the way home so we spent all day on the 28th at home. The 29th was fun because J and I went to Paint Nite with my brother, sister-in-law, and parents while the kids slept over with J's parents, SJ, and Keji, a golden retriever. It was so strange sleeping at home without the kids, but so nice to sleep through the night and wake up on our own. A successful sleepover means one thing: more sleepovers!

And that pretty much rounds out our Christmas. We definitely missed out on time with friends and will make up for it in January. Now, on to my year in review and goals for the new year! I hope you had a great Christmas too :)

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