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Friday, December 12, 2014

Belt testing in karate

Little J has been doing karate once a week since the summer. Little K did it for a while but quickly got tired of it. Literally, the 45 minute classes were too long for her. Every so often the kids get a stripe for their belts. There are red and black stripes.. one is for effort and one is for something else (ability maybe?). I'm not quite sure. Little J has 5 stripes on his white belt.

Earlier this week I got an email about Little J's belt test. It would happen during his regular class. He did the warm up with the group and then got pulled out to do the test in front of us and one of the senseis. He was amazing! He was able to do everything asked of him quickly and well. It was fun to see. And he got his yellow junior belt which is half white and half yellow.

_MG_4332.CR2 (Medium)
The karate kids.
_MG_4348.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_4342.CR2 (Medium)
Front punches.

_MG_4353.CR2 (Medium)
Horse stance.

_MG_4360.CR2 (Medium)
Punching and kicking.

_MG_4367.CR2 (Medium)
The splits.

_MG_4370.CR2 (Medium)
Waiting patiently, eyes closed.

_MG_4373.CR2 (Medium)
BIG smiles!
_MG_4377.CR2 (Medium)
Getting his new belt.

We celebrated by getting chicken dinner (St. Hubert) which is Little J's favourite. I'm so proud of my little karate kid.

The next morning after breakfast, Little J ripped off his pjs and got into his GI so he could practice!

IMG_2037 (Medium)

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  1. It seems to very good looking at those kids that they are excited to be learning karate. They keep hard working to get high level belts. Even my kid also learning mixed Karate in Connecticut.