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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Advent activity catch up

I'm back after a bit of a break and there's only one week until Christmas! Tis the season for last-minute shopping, Christmas concerts, and dinners with friends. Every day we've been doing an activity just like last year and I'm ready to catch up here on the blog! I have lots of crafts and fun things to share.
_MG_4271.CR2 (Medium)
Our advent calendar.

Monday, December 8th (yes, almost 2 weeks ago now!) was a write off because of our flu shot fiasco unless you count crying and moaning over sore arms an activity. 

Tuesday, December 9th was Little J's belt test in karate but we snuck in the picture for the Christmas card before leaving. I don't want to post that and ruin the surprise though. 

Wednesday, December 10th was a last-minute snowman craft. I gave the kids some black paper, glitter glue, and cotton balls. This is what they came up with:

IMG_2047 (Medium)

Doesn't it look like Little K's snowman on the left has boobs? Oh how I giggled!

Thursday, December 11th - I broke out the glitter glue again for this Christmas tree craft. J helped the kids with this one while I made dinner.

IMG_2054 (Medium)
Little J getting some help from his dad.
IMG_2053 (Medium)
Little K putting on the finishing touches.

IMG_2055 (Medium)
The final product.

Friday, December 12th - The kids got letters back from Santa so we read through those a few times after spending a bunch of time outside after school. 

IMG_2062 (Medium)
Santa letters!

Then we had some family time on the couch.. I was knitting, J was playing the guitar, and the kids were being kids. Sandy the cat just HAD to be on J's lap!

IMG_2067 (Medium)
Family party!

Saturday, December 13th - We've made these salt dough ornaments  the past two years so the kids were really looking forward to this one. I had to wait for a weekend though because of the baking time. (I used the recipe from here.)

_MG_4379.CR2 (Medium)
IMG_2073 (Medium)
Our ornaments.

I finished them off the next day with some modge podge and now they're on our tree. The last couple of years we've given a few to family and we might do that again.

Sunday, December 14th - Do you wanna build a snowman? J was outside with the kids and the snow was PERFECT snowman snow. They made a huge Dilton in the backyard complete with carrot nose and hands that are holding a pinwheel. Dilton is like our Frosty.. he comes back every year.

IMG_2088 (Medium)
J and the kids with the neighbours.

Monday, December 15th - I picked up a gingerbread house kit at the grocery store and the kids were so excited! Too bad my house-building skills are lacking and we needed some support structures to keep the house from toppling over. The kids didn't seem to mind.

IMG_2134 (Medium)

IMG_2136 (Medium)
The final product.

Tuesday, December 16th - Little J's Christmas concert and party at school. I'll write more about the concert in another post, but it was cute and adorable and funny. After the concert we all went to the classroom for snacks and to play. The kids had a great time.

IMG_2221 (Medium)
Playing with dad at school.
Wednesday, December 17th - Sprinkle marshmallows are super quick and easy and the kids love them! You dip marshmallows in water and then in sprinkles. Done.

_MG_4399.CR2 (Medium)
The process.

_MG_4402.CR2 (Medium)
The kids with their marshmallows.
Thursday, December 18th - The kids made fingerprint Christmas trees. I saw this craft on another website and ours didn't turn out anything like those ones but it doesn't matter. The kids loved using their fingers and I love how the trees turned out.
_MG_4405.CR2 (Medium)
Little K working hard.
_MG_4403.CR2 (Medium)
Little J painting away.
_MG_4407.CR2 (Medium)
The finished Christmas trees.

And with that I'm almost all caught up! I hope you're doing fun things this season and not stuck trying to find last-minute gifts. I'll be back with posts about the kids' concerts and other fun stuff we've been doing.

Our list so far:

Monday, December 1 - Put up and decorate tree
Tuesday, December 2 - Christmas colouring books
Wednesday, December 3 - Read Christmas books

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