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Monday, December 1, 2014

25 Days of Christmas - And we're off!

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Our advent calendar.

Hello December and hello 25 days of Christmas-y activities for my children. We started this tradition two years ago where the kids got a chocolate after dinner every night. Last year I changed it to an activity every day. This year I want to be lazy and revert back to just giving them chocolate, but the activity thing is so much better. Plus, after last year I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't work.

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Gettig out all the decorations.
Today is the first day of December and the kids, Little J especially, have been wanting to put up the tree so that became our activity. It involved lugging up from the basement the tree, a bin full and a box full of decorations. Every year I get more stuff.

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Decorating the tree.
I was in charge of putting garland around the railings going upstairs while J and the kids got the tree put together and decorated. J, who loves Christmas, didn't want to put up all the ornaments but I stepped in and we decorated the s out of that tree. Our tree doesn't have a theme and it isn't magazine-worthy, but it's full of ornaments we've collected over the years and ones the kids have made. It's perfectly ours.
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Adding the star.
It was Little J's turn this year to put the star on and boy was he excited!

_MG_4268.CR2 (Medium)
Our tree is up and now I have to come up with another activity for tomorrow. Chocolate anyone?

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