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Monday, November 24, 2014

Writing a letter to Santa - a new tradition

Let's talk about Christmas for a moment, shall we? Last year I started a family tradition where the kids do an activity every day of December leading up to Christmas. I'd really like to do that again this year (hence calling it a tradition) and an activity I'd like to add is writing a letter to Santa.

Thankfully I'm mostly off the hook for this one because Canada Post has a program where any letter addressed to Santa gets a response. Isn't that awesome? I will sit down and help my kids write out their letters using the letterhead from the website, and share their excitement when they get a letter back. These letters don't need postage, but should be mailed by December 16th to get a response.

Some important info from Canada Post about the letters:

There's room for everyone on the Nice List! Santa's postal elves are ready to help Santa answer letters in more than 30 languages, including Braille! There are 3 golden rules when sending a letter to Santa:
  1. Make sure to include your full return address.
  2. While wish lists are good (especially for the workshop elves), Santa really loves to read about your child's favourite sports, jokes, school activities or family fun (even if Mom and Dad help with the writing). And, of course, he loves to get pictures and drawings from even his youngest pen pals!
  3. Send your letter soon. Letters must be mailed by December 16 to receive a reply (it's a long way to the North Pole and back!).
Santa's address:

Thank you to Canada Post and all the elves who make this happen. Will your kids be writing to Santa this year?

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