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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I'm Watching

Gone are the days when we had one tv and a handful of channels and watched everything together. J and I have different tastes and spend a lot of nights watching different shows. But there are always a couple we watch together.

Our newest favourite is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's a cop show and it's hilarious. The first season in on Netflix and the second season is airing now.

Homeland started off strong but the second season dragged a little for me. Now it's picking up again.

Modern Family is always funny. Always. Not watching this? You should be.

These are the shows that J won't watch with me:

Call the Midwife - This show makes my birthy heart sing. It's about a group of midwives in London in the 50s. I cry almost every episode but it's worth it: such a great show!
Dancing With the Stars - I love dancing shows. Love them!
Grey's Anatomy - Tell me you've heard about this one. Medical drama/soap opera. I feel like I've been watching Grey's Anatomy forever and I kinda have. It's been on the air 9 years already and I just can't give it up.
Orange is the New Black - Gritty but awesome.
The 100 - Airing just on Netflix. It's about 100 people sent back to Earth after living on a giant space station for the past almost century.
The 4400 - This isn't a new show, but it was recommended to me on Netflix after watching The 100. It's about 4400 people who show up all at once after being missing for days, weeks, months, or years. They get reintegrated into society and the series follows them. It's like The X-Files.

What are you watching these days? Anything I absolutely must see?

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BTW: None of these links are affiliate links. They all go to IMDB which is where I get all my info on shows and movies.