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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time change blahs

Today we fell back, the clocks that is. Isn't time so strange, that we can just arbitrarily decide that today is the day to gain an hour. And it wasn't always the first Sunday in November so it really is arbitrary.

No matter when the time change happens, it always throws me off. I had a postpartum visit scheduled this morning for 9 am, but I couldn't figure out if that meant it would feel like 8 am or 10 am. Either way, I was relieved when the visit was rescheduled.

Little K is obviously not feeling great. Her pink eye has gone to the other eye and I think she has a cold on top of it. We came upstairs for lunch and she lay down on the couch under a blanket because she was cold. I was going to let her stay there a few minutes to warm up but she passed out. Then later, when I was reading (J slept in so I go mid-day quiet time) she came up, crawled into bed with me, and promptly fell asleep. I haven't napped with my baby girl in a long time. It was so nice.

I was out at my doula visit tonight and got a message from J saying Little K asked to go to bed before 7 pm and sure enough she was out like a light when I got home at 7:30. I have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow but I'm looking forward to the day when time feels right again.

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  1. The time change is killing us - we are all just so tired and thrown off our regular schedule. This is supposed to be the "good" one, where everyone gets extra sleep - but ugh, it's just a slog. Hope your little ones get through it soon!