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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Plane museum on a PD day

Last Friday was a PD Day for Little J and because of the fact that I'm at home with Little K I hadn't really paid attention to which day it was and it snuck up on me. Thursday night I realized that I wasn't making a lunch or putting Little J on a bus the next morning. Why not visit the plane museum?

What these pictures won't show you is the gong show of a morning we had before leaving for the museum. It's amazing how much we thrive on routines and a PD day is not routine. Wowza. But screaming and crying aside, we made it to the museum and had fun.

IMG_1909 (Medium)
The second floor of the atrium.

IMG_1908 (Medium)
The view from above.

IMG_1907 (Medium)
Astronaut Little J.

IMG_1903 (Medium)
Little K running towards me.

IMG_1900 (Medium)
Little J on the toy plane.

IMG_1897 (Medium)
Checking out the cockpit.

IMG_1896 (Medium)
Little K and Little J "reading".

IMG_1894 (Medium)
That's a big engine.

IMG_1892 (Medium)
Model aircraft carrier.

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